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Welcome to Tufts’ Global Health Hub

Our purpose is to promote collaboration and support research and education in global health. We aim to foster grant writing, scholarly publications and teaching programs relevant to advancing global health initiatives. Interdisciplinary, multi-sectoral One Health frameworks are fundamental to our purpose and to solutions to complex global health problems like pandemics, antimicrobial resistance and climate-driven degradation of human, animal and environmental health.

We advance this purpose by providing digital spaces for diverse investigators to work together and by facilitating connections with research and scholarship resources. Whether it is sharing early-stage project ideas with peers or forming working groups to prepare competitive multi-school or multi-institution grant applications, the Global Health Hub seeks to support successful outcomes for global health investigators. Existing Tufts resources from the Office of the Vice Provost for Research are key and address every stage of the research and scholarship life cycle.

Questions or need help getting started, forming a group, or sticking to a project development timeline? Contact us at and we will do our best to assist.

Connect with the global health community at Tufts here.

Global health diplomacy refers to the intersection of health and diplomacy, where formal and informal diplomatic efforts are employed to address global health challenges. It involves the use of multiple communication and negotiation strategies to promote and protect public health at international, national and community levels. Global health diplomacy recognizes that health issues transcend national boundaries and require cooperation among countries for resolution. 

The time is right for Global One Health Diplomacy 

As global health challenges mount and intersect with increasingly volatile political, economic, and social dynamics, the role for a new kind of diplomacy is emerging: global One Health diplomacy. Global One Health actors – whether multilateral institutions, bilateral donors, or non-governmental organizations – must engage with national and local partners to address cross-cutting challenges that require managing responses to multifactorial health crises at the intersection of human, animal and environmental health 

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